Laurie Nye

Laurie Nye

Born in Memphis, TN in 1972
MFA, California Institute of the Arts 2000-2002
BFA, Memphis College of Art 1990-1995
Lives and works in Los Angeles


2019 The Sick Rose, Big Pictures LA, Los Angeles, CA
2018 Venusian Weather, The Pit, Glendale CA
2015 Andromeda, 5 Car Garage, Los Angeles, CA
2013 The Crystal Eaters, Statlor Waldorf Gallery, curated by Molly Larkey, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Nature Diamond Figure, Parker Jones Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2010 So Forgotten, Material Gallery, Memphis, TN
2007 Laurie Nye and Paula Kane, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2002 Hollow Earth, MFA Thesis Exhibition, D300 Gallery, Cal Arts, Valencia, CA
2002 Grow Up, Installation, Executive Offices of After All, Valencia, CA
2000 Go West, Perry Nicole Gallery, Memphis, TN
1999 Featured works by Laurie Nye, Memphis Arts Council, Memphis, TN
1998 End Of An Era… East Oven Gallery, Memphis, TN


2020So Far, Laloma Projects, Pasadena, CA
The World is Never Still, Binder of Women, Los Angeles, CA

2019Biophilia, Unpaved Gallery, Yucca Valley, CA
I’ve always imagined paradise as a kind of library”, Blake and Vargas, Berlin, Germany
Time for Something Else, Day and Night Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Dreamhouse vs Punkhouse, Serious Topics, Los Angeles, CA
Color Out of Space, Lowell Ryan Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Spraybows, Flowers Art Gallery, Portland, OR
Sweet Cheeks, BPLA, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Heat Wave, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Good Smoke, 00 LA, Chinatown, Los Angeles
Airtight Garage, Big Pictures LA, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Moving Still, Monya Rowe Gallery, St Augustine, FL
Filtergeist, Open House, Brooklyn, NY
Flying Man Revolved, Dread Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
Super Bloom, PostLA, Los Angeles, CA
Forest at The Edge of Time, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA
Polaroid Black, Big Pictures LA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Amplify Compassion, 356 Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Figure it Out, The Dot Project, London, UK
Bottom Floor,curated by Max Maslansky, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Beach Bodies, curated by Katie Bode, Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Fresh Start, Santa Monica, CA

2014 The White Album, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
Love is in the Air, 2A Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Body Doubles-Lovers, The Face Painters, Los Angeles, CA

2013 Material Anthology, Material Gallery, Memphis, TN
Incognito Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2012 Tell a Pitifull Story, Material Press, Project Space, Los Angeles, CA
First Annual Alumni Exhibition, Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN

2011 Los Angeles Museum of Ceramic Art, ACME Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Unfinished Paintings, LACE, Los Angeles, CA
Collective Show, North Hill Street Gallery, LA, CA

2010 Like a Soft Summer Rain, Post Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
AFTERMATH, Watkins College of Art and Design, Nashville, TN
Incognito 2010 Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2009 Out of Bounds, Circus of Books, LACE event, Los Angeles, CA
Lovable like Orphan Kitties and Bastard Children, Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, WI
Venice Art Walk, curated by Lisa Melandri, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Venice, CA
Incognito 2009 Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
Mail Nothing to the Tate, Tate Gallery, London

2008 Incognito 2008 Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2007 Boo, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Monster Drawing Rally, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles ,CA
Picnic Apparitions, Park Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Incognito 2007 Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2006 Lantana Projects 1st Annual Auction, Memphis, TN
Flourish, LACE 27th Annual Benefit Art Auction, Los Angeles, CA
Incognito 2006 Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2005 Incognito 2005 Auction, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
Poles Together Poles Apart, Coinciding with Venice Biennale, sponsored by White Box Gallery, Venice, Italy
Sugartown, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, curated by Elizabeth Dee and David Quadrini, New York, NY
Having Differences, I-20 Gallery, curated by Kevin Hanley, Steve Hanson and Paul Judelson, New York, NY

2004 An Arc, Another Arc and So On, Fine Arts Gallery, CSU, Los Angeles , curated by
Jan Tumlir, (video catalogue)
A Kiss on the Brow, Hayworth Gallery, curated by Peter Bartlett, Los Angeles, CA
Incognito, Santa Monica Museum of Art, curated by Elsa Longhauser, Santa Monica, CA,
Summer Drawing Show, Mixture Gallery, Houston, Texas

2003 Measures of Time, Oxy Gallery, Occidental College, Los, Angeles, California, curated by Nizan Shaked
Open House, Universal Paper, Chinatown, Los Angeles

2002 Messy Fingers, Track 16, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Martin Kersels and Charles Gaines

2001 Comfort and Exhaustion, Mint Gallery, Cal Arts, Valencia, CA
MFA2 Mid Residency Show, Cal Arts, Valencia, CA
Spectral, Stevenson Blanche Devereux Gallery, Valencia, CA
Into The Wilderness, (two person show), L-Shape Gallery, California Institute of The Arts, Valencia, California

2000 Beautiful Stranger, Stevenson Blanche Devereux Gallery, Valencia, CA
Go West, Perry Nicole Gallery, Memphis, TN

1999 Things Snowball, Delta Axis at Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN
Art Farm, Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN
Memphis Arts Council Juried Exhibition, Memphis College of Art


Airtight Garage, Big Pictures Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


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Parkfield Residency, V6 Ranch, Parkfield, California 2014
Ceramic Residency, LA Perdrix, Riberac, France, 2009